Kibow Fortis®, when taken as recommended, provides many health benefits for consumers like Immune Health, Digestive Health, Lipid Reduction, Intestinal Flora Maintenance, Weight Management and Satiety

Kibow Fortis®, when taken as recommended, provides many health benefits for consumers.

icon-immunityImmune Health: The immune system is an important body system when it comes to maintaining health and supporting an active lifestyle. Beta-glucans in Kibow Fortis® boost immunity as immunostimulators. Additionally, the gut microbiome “beneficial” bacteria lactobacteria and bifidobacteria is supported by Kibow Fortis® playing a major role in overall wellness.


Digestive Health: Kibow Fortis® supports healthy digestive health with seven fiber and prebiotic ingredients. Maintaining the balance of “good vs bad” bacteria in the colon improves digestive health and wellness.

icon-lipidLipid Reduction: Scientific studies have shown the prebiotic qualities of a Kibow Fortis® ingredient maintains gut intestinal flora and demonstrates cholesterol reducing effects.

icon-floraIntestinal Flora Maintenance: Kibow Fortis® contains three ingredients known to promote the balance and quantity of intestinal flora in the digestive tract. Comparisons to leading dietary fiber products show high lactogenic and bifidogenic activity.

icon-multi-fiberWeight Management: The combination of fibers and prebiotic functionality in Kibow Fortis® helps with weight management. The added fiber bulk without the calories reduce the risk of obesity.

icon-satietySatiety: Ingesting the amounts of fiber supplemented with Kibow Fortis® increases satiety (the feeling of fullness) and leads to weight management benefits