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   Frequently Asked Questions about the Kibow Fortis®

How And When Should I Take Kibow Fortis®?

Kibow Fortis®should be taken either before or after each meal. If using the tablets take 1-2 three times a day. If using the powder take one scoop in at least 8 ounces of water, in a warm or cold beverage of your choice or sprinkled onto food.

What Else Can I Do To Maintain A Healthy Digestive System?

Kibow Flora™ is a probiotic supplement that helps maintain your digestive system and boost immunity. It has 6 strains of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria which have been selected based on their immune enhancing properties.

Is There Any Scientific Evidence For The Various Health Claims?

Each Ingredient in Kibow Fortis® has been studied and the health benefits have been documented. Please see the literature/reference section for detailed publications.

Does Kibow Fortis® Contain Gluten?

Kibow Fortis® contains oat beta glucan. Oat as such has no gluten but the beta glucan manufacturing plant also has other products and could contain very little traces. The gluten content is less than 20ppm and is therefore considered “gluten-free,” based on the FDA definition of less than 20 ppm. However, people who experience gluten intolerance should not consume it unless advised by their doctor.

Is Kibow Fortis® Safe?

All of the ingredients in Kibow Fortis® have been generally regarded as safe (GRAS)by the USFDA. Each of the individual ingredients has been studied scientifically and proven to have various health benefits.

How Long Will Kibow Fortis® Stay Fresh?

Kibow Fortis® has a shelf life of 2 and a half years. Store it at room temperature not exceeding 40ºC (104F). Protect from moisture and sunlight. Be sure to check each package for additional information and for the expiration date.

In What Foods And Beverages Can Kibow Fortis® Be Used?

You can mix Kibow Fortis® powder into any cold or warm beverage such as water or juice; sprinkle onto foods such as applesauce, pudding, salads or yogurt or any kind of prepared food.

Is Kibow Fortis® Powder Flavored?

The powder form of Kibow Fortis® has a mild orange flavor (natural and artificial). It can be used in warm and cold beverages without altering the taste of the beverage.

What Is The Recommended Daily Intake Of Fiber?

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends that Americans get a daily fiber intake of 20-35 grams from plant foods, including both soluble and insoluble fiber. However, most Americans get only half this amount. Incorporating Kibow Fortis® multi-fiber supplement in a healthy diet can help ensure an adequate fiber intake, a healthy digestive system, and other benefits attributed to the individual ingredients.

How Is Kibow Fortis® Different From Other Fibers?

Kibow Fortis® unlike other fiber supplements available on the market has 7 different types of fibers each having a unique health benefit. It is 100% fibers with no added sugars to make it more palatable like many other fibers on the market. It is a sugar-free multiple fiber supplement that dissolves well in warm and cold beverages and also available as a tablet form.

The ingredients in Kibow Fortis® are documented as safe by the FDA.
Kibow Fortis® besides being a fiber supplement also has prebiotic properties. It helps to increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the colon. Studies in the lab have shown that Kibow Fortis™ helps to increase the counts of the probiotic bacteria like lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria. (DATA)

What type of fiber is Kibow Fortis®?

Kibow Fortis® is a blend of 7 functional fibers made up of two types of fiber:  5 soluble and 2 insoluble fibers.

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